Our Vision

Yoga Unify supports qualified Schools and Studios whose owners desire to build a lasting lineage of practitioners. With dedicated Yoga Mentors, students are taught the ancient traditions of yoga so that they might attain definable milestones of achievement over an extended periods of study.

By working with an experienced yogi at a Qualified School, emerging yogi students can earn one of three Professional Designations of Instructor, Guide and Mentor. A fourth icon of yogic service, 

the Adept Yogi, is bestowed on a yogi by a council of their peers, it is not earned.


Earn These Lineage Designations Through A Qualified School

Yoga Instructor

A Yoga Instructor has a basic understanding of what it means to lead a yoga class (1:1 or group) and is inspired and dedicated to sharing the practice of yoga. An Instructor is still developing their own “teaching voice.”

As a Yoga Instructor the instructor may feel comfortable providing basic information on common knowledge such as the history of yoga, sacred texts, pranayama, and basic anatomy.

A Yoga Instructor has made a solid commitment to ethics. Their decision to become a yoga instructor is determined through to at least a year of the practice and study of yoga through as an understudy of an elder yoga Mentor or Adept teacher for a Yoga Unify accredited school or studio. 

Yoga Guide

A Yoga Guide is fluent in their knowledge of the 12 core competencies of yoga.

A Guide has have the ability to design an effective class curriculum and have the ability to adapt a course of study to the needs of all levels of students practicing together in the same class regardless of the style of class.


This teacher has a method that is steeped in the traditions of ancient yoga that is coupled to a regular meditation practice.

With their knowledge yoga anatomy, contraindications, and hands-on assists the Guide is able to lift the practice of others. Moreover, a Guide has a general knowledge of Sanskrit, pranayama, mantra, asana, bandha, yogic cleanses, and sacred texts.


A unique voice a Yoga Guide has an intrinsic motivation to share their yogic knowledge in the teaching the mind, body and spiritual knowledge of yoga as a calling.

Under the tutelage of a Yoga Mentor of Adept teacher, a Yoga Guide is able to teach from a place of embodied experience.

Suggested years of yogic experience in a lineage study is at least 3 years.

Yoga Mentor

A Yoga Mentor has advanced skill in tutoring professional yoga teachers specialist in the great yoga community.

A Mentor is a conscious catalyst, a yogi who uplevels his community by holding a space of grace emanating from an awareness of traditions that is coupled with a sacred stance towards the development of healthy, self-sovereign empowered beings.

A Mentor demonstrates a commitment to courageous self-inquiry on their personal path and has a dedicated sadhana, a regular spiritual practice in the art of yoga.

They are well-organized and able to train Yoga Instructors and Practitioners with the intention of improving their own knowledge and ways of teaching.

A Yoga Mentor demonstrates awareness of the need to allow for inclusiveness for those may be marginalized.


At this level, a Mentor builds curriculum, leads workshops, immersions, and trainings, as they continue to expand their quest greater wholeness in their knowledge base and skills. 

A Yoga Mentor has extensive social experience in the field and is immersed in skills of engaging others in yogic studies. Furthermore, they recognize that in training and teaching others, they are a lifelong student of yoga.


Mentors have had more than 7 years of regular experience in their lineage of study.


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