We Qualify Yogis Through Their Teacher Training Programs

The Pathway to Qualification

Yoga Unify works with Yoga Schools to deliver a Qualifying Assessment of their Student's Yoga Knowledge and Skills.

At the conclusion of their Teacher Training Program, an Affiliated School administers our Assessment of 12 Yoga Competencies whose score leads to the Designation of a Student as either
a Yoga Instructor, a Yoga Guide or a Yoga Mentor. 

We also assist Schools in creating the resources to move the

Yogis they mentor from one Designation to the next. 


We also work similarly with Ambassadors who have a network of Professional Yoga Teacher to which they have influence or may have previously mentored into this wonderful business.
Photographs by Robert Sturman, with permission.

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Become An Affiliated School

To become an Affiliated School, the Owner enters our Program via the Plans tab on this website and registers for a fee. The School next acquires a set of Assessment Vouchers based on the number of Students in their Teacher Training Program. These Vouchers are used by the School's Trainer to to assess their Student's yoga knowledge base and skill level. These is the Yoga Unify Qualifying Assessment leading to a Designation.

The cost of our program is absorbed by School within the School's Teacher Training Tuition. Subsidies are available from Yoga Unify based on shown financial need.  

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The Designations

Upon completion of the an Assessment of the 12 Competencies of Yoga by the School's Trainer, the School recommends the Designation of either a Yoga Instructor, Yoga Guide of Yoga Mentor for a Student. The School is notified who confers the Designation to their Student.
Students then are asked to assess the value and efficaciousness of a Qualifying School's
Teacher Training Program, the anonymous comments of which are

to the School.

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